Performance A class IP Camera

A class IP Camera for Performance

With the advantage of high cost performance, it meets the monitoring benefits of value for money.

Excellent Megapixels HD lens

Using 5 and 2 million high-quality fixed-focus or motorized lenses, the video quality is clear during the day and the picture is not distorted at night.

Smart infrared light

Built-in high-power infrared LED lights, strong night monitoring effect, projection distance up to 45 meters.

Low-light image clear restoration

It can still be clearly displayed under weak light sources, which improves the monitoring effect and satisfies 24-hour full-color high-quality real-time monitoring.

AI smart image analysis

Privacy Mask and ROI

IP66 waterproof/dustproof level

The whole series of models comply with IP66 waterproof/dustproof grade specifications, and can be erected and used in different environments.

5 megapixels IP Camera fixed lens

5 megapixels IP Camera motorized lens

2 megapixels IP Camera fixed lens

2 megapixels IP Camera motorized lens