Camera Installation

Username = root
Password = root
Please change your password immediately after entering the system to ensure information security.

Please proceed as follows:
1.Hold the Reset button for 5-10 seconds after booting to reset the password to preset.
2.Change the username and the password.

Use CamFinder to locate the IP address of the camera.
Please connect the camera and the PC on which the IP finder is executed to the same hub.

1. When the camera still can’t be located over 1 minute, re-activate the camera.
2. Do not connect the camera to more than one router. The Cam Finder will not be able to detect the camera.
3. If the IP of PC on which the IP Finder is executed is not correctly set, the IP Finder will not be able to locate the camera. Please confirm that the IP address has been properly set.
4. The anti-virus applications on the PC or the firewall might block the Cam Finder from execution.
If you can not execute the Cam Finder, please disable your anti-virus applications or firewall.

It means fix the electronic shutter speed to decrease color rolling on the camera. The 1/100 is used for PAL and the 1/120 is used for NTSC.

The camera uses MJPEG or H.264 compression technology to provide quality images. MJPEG is a standard image compression technology applicable to different browsers without the need to install additional software. H.264 is a next-generation image compression standard and can provide high image quality at low bandwidth. The sound decoder uses G.726/32, G.711a, G.711u compression technology.

The maximum number of viewers depends on the bandwidth of the client accessing the camera. About 5~6Mbps are used to process data of the camera, so the maximum number of viewers changes in proportion to FPS and the resolution of the image. Obviously, the higher the number of viewers, the lower the performance at each client end.

Yes, you can use the snapshot function from the main control page.

The camera is not waterproof, so a special waterproof cover must be available for outdoor use. Please note that the waterproof cover may affect the built-in pickup function of the camera.

A: Check that the attached standard transformer is not damaged. Plug the power cable and reboot the machine.
If the problem remains, contact your dealer for help.

A: The camera uses a 10 or 100 Base-T Category 5 UTP network cable.

If you have a firewall in your network environment, please select HTTP mode (Port80). Generally the port 80 is always open for the browser to access the Internet.

Use IP Finder to locate the IP address of the camera.
Please connect the camera and the PC on which the IP finder is executed to the same hub.

When the camera still can’t be located over 1 minute, re-activate the camera.
Do not connect the camera to more than one router. The IP Finder will not be able to detect the camera.
If the IP of PC on which the IP Finder is executed is not correctly set, the IP Finder will not be able to locate the camera. Please confirm that the IP address has been properly set.
The anti-virus applications on the PC or the firewall might block the IP Finder from execution.
If you can not execute the IP Finder, please disable your anti-virus applications or firewall.

Please be sure that the version of your Internet Explorer is 8.0 or later. Should you have any difficulties, please log on the Microsoft website to update your browser.
Microsoft website: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie.

Do not use spaces. Use underline “_” or dash “-“.
Your connection might have problems. Please ensure that the network parameters and the camera connection are correctly set.
Access to Camera

The IP address of the camera is possibly being used by another PC or device. Please disconnect the network cable from the camera and execute PING to confirm if the IP address has been used.
It is possibly due to the network cable. Please use the cross-line network cable to connect the PC and the camera, and see if the log-in screen appears.
Be sure that the network connection and the settings are properly configured.
Be sure to enter correct IP address in the Internet Explorer. If you use dynamic IP address, the address might have been changed after your last check.
Internet traffic might slow down the webpage access. Please wait.
Be sure that you are using http port. The default setting is Port 80. It will be converted to the private camera IP address.
The port assigned for your camera might not able to access the Internet. Contact your ISP to acquire a usable port.
The proxy server might be blocking you from connecting to the camera. Do not set the proxy server.
Please be sure that the default gateway address is correct.
Your router might need Port conversion. Refer to the user manual of your router for details.
The package filtering function of the router might have blocked the access to the external Internet. Refer to the user manual of your router for details.
If you are using DDNS, please remember to set the default gateway and server address.
If none of the procedures above is working, please reset to the factory default values and re-install.
If the problem still persists, there might be some problems with the product. Contact the dealer who sold you the product for more help.

When using PC to connect to the camera for the first time, a security warning window will tell you that you need to download the ActiveX control. When you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you might need a properly- authorized user account to install the application.
Network traffic might slow down the video streams. If the video is extremely slow, select a lower resolution for a lower bandwidth requirement.

Select C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files to check if the file “Media Viewer Class” is registered. The status bar should indicate the file has been installed. If you do not see this file, be sure that your Internet Explorer security is properly set (the default value is moderate). Re-connect to the camera main page and download the file again. Incomplete download or installation of the camera ActiveX control is the major reason for this problem. Check the security setting of your Internet Explorer. Close and re-open Internet Explorer, and enter the main page to see if you can log in.

Change the IE security setting to allow downloading unsigned ActiveX control. IE→Tools→Internet Options→Security→Custom Level. Change "Inactive" to "Tips" for the ActiveX control if required.

A firewall mechanism might have been activated. Check the setting of your system or ask your network administrator. To access the camera from the Internet, you may need to change the setting of the firewall.
Make sure that your camera does not conflict with other servers on the same LAN.
Check the router and make sure that its setting allows it to access your camera from the Internet.

Congestion of the network or objects of the image may affect the number of frames transmitted. The number of frames may be less than the defined value when they are transmitted via a congested network.
The number of frames transmitted may become less when multiple users are viewing the video stream.
The network hub might be another reason for this problem, especially when multiple camera video streams are viewed simultaneously.

When you connect your PC to the camera, no sufficient bandwidth is available to support more frames with the current resolution of video streams. Reduce the resolution to QCIF(176x144) or CIF (320x240) and deactivate the audio function.
The audio signal needs 32 to 64 kbps of your bandwidth. You can deactivate the audio function to improve the image quality. Your Internet service may have not sufficient bandwidth to support audio transmission.

Make sure the IP address of the gateway and domain server (DNS) have been defined correctly.
Where FTP still fails, contact your ISP or network administrator to check the FTP server.

When communication to the camera stops, click "Refresh" on your IE browser to refresh the transmission.
It might be that other users are controlling the movement of the camera.
The horizontal/vertical movement of the camera has reached its limit.
The horizontal/vertical remote control option of the camera might have been deselected.

Delay might occur when you are accessing a video stream and remotely moving the camera horizontally. Where significant delay is identified when you move the camera horizontally or vertically deactivate the audio streams and/or reduce the size of the video stream...
Camera Image Quality

The lens might be contaminated with dust, fingerprints, or other dirt. Use a special cleaning cloth to clean the lens or adjust the focus manually.
Focusing might be impossible in some cases. If the object is too close to the lens, more it away from your camera.

Please confirm that the image your are watching has the best quality. Adjust the setting of your display card (color quality) to at least 16 bits (24 bits or more are recommended).
Incorrect camera video setting. You may need to adjust some parameters, such as brightness, contrast, color, and saturation

Incorrect power cord frequency may cause flashing of the image. Confirm that your camera uses NTSC or PAL system.
The image flashes if the objects are black. In this case, adjust the illumination brighter around your camera.

Noise may be produced if you install your camera at a very dark place. Adjust the illumination around your camera.
Mobility vision assist system

Exclusion method:
1. Check if the DVR key is turned to the ON position --- please turn to the OFF position
2. Check if the power cord connector has been loosened --- please securely connect the power connector
3. Check if the fuse is blown

When the car power is turned on, the on-board unit will also be turned on, and it will enter the main split screen in about 1-3 minutes. Each split screen will have a red dot. All of you are recording your road conditions safely. If you enter the split screen of the host computer when you boot it, when there is no red dot in the video, it means that the hard disk or SD card is faulty. We will send a commissioner to check and repair. Because you can't record at this time and can't provide you with proof!

When (no hard disk) appears on the upper right screen of our company ’s main unit, please use the key provided by the car main unit, insert the lower part of the front of the main unit and turn it to the "ON" position, then loosen the two screws to harden Take out the external box of the disc, push it back again, and then lock the two screws back to the host, and lock it with the key reversed, wait for the boot, check whether there is a red dot in the recording and whether there is still (upper hard disk) If it still appears (no hard drive), please inform the company during working hours, we will use the fastest way to help eliminate.

The installation position of the front lens is generally installed in the center of the instrument panel. It is irradiated through the windshield, and some light is blocked by the insulation paper, which causes insufficient light supplement, or the windshield is stained. The windshield should be kept clean and clear, and it is not recommended to use black thermal insulation paper.

Exclusion method:
1. Check if the GPS connector is loose → please lock
2. Check whether the GPS antenna is covered by objects → Please move the objects away
3. Check if the GPS antenna is placed where it is covered by dark thermal insulation paper → Please move the antenna outside the car or to an uncovered place
4. Check if there are other GPS antennas in the surrounding area, to avoid too close distance, it will cause interference

Exclusion method:
1. Check whether the A / V cable is properly connected and whether the connector is tightly clamped

Exclusion method:
1. Please check if the computer is not connected to the Internet and cannot bring out the electronic map
2. Please check the software version

Exclusion method:
1. Please check whether the connecting wires are loose and cause interference
2. Please check if there is any problem with the battery

Exclusion method:
1. Please call during working hours to help judge

Exclusion method:
1. Please unplug the hard drive / SD first, the host still repeats the booting operation to determine the problem of the motherboard
2. After unplugging the hard drive, reinsert the new hard drive to see if the host is normal. Normal means that the old hard drive caused the host to be abnormal. Please send the hard drive for repair

Exclusion method:
1. Please check if the glass in front of the lens is stained
2. Please check whether the environment causes infrared light refraction caused by the reflective light source

If you only need to re-boot the system and don't want to change any setting, enter the Setting page and select the Reboot option at the bottom of the screen. The system will reboot automatically.

Confirm that you have installed MicrosoftR’s DirectX 9.0 or above and use Windows Media Player 9 or above.