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3S fleet management system can help users manage entire fleet operations on a single platform. The powerful management platform can monitor real-time fleet tracking, moving trip, vehicle location, driving behavior, and protect drivers and asset from harm with real-time alerts. With our team of planning experts, we are committed to providing consultancy services and quality solutions, helping clients enhance fleet operations more efficient, improving Safety and keeping an eye on their business actively.


Vehicle video monitoring solution

Fleet Management System Solution provides a comprehensive approach to assist drivers in monitoring various situations while driving. It includes real-time tracking of vehicle position, driving footage, analysis of driving behavior, and personnel scheduling. This solution effectively enhances management efficiency, establishing a high-quality and safety-first driving environment.

Fleet Management Database & Cloud Server Platform

In order to monitor your fleet anytime, manager can rapidly retrieve vehicle tracking, video recording or any event detail from cloud server storage.Learn more

PC Client Browsing

Administrators can swiftly retrieve driving trajectory records and video footage through the data stored in the cloud server platform.Learn more

Mobile Viewing (3VCC APP)

Manager can track fleet in real-time via mobile app, including driving status, moving trips, unsafe driving practices, alerts information and get performance analytics and reports, so that help enterprise to manage fleet efficiently.Learn more