Homelands Solutions

In order to implement homeland defense security, video surveillance must meet high security and high quality. At the same time, based on the construction of people, vehicles, ammunition, sentries, etc. in the camp, network management has become a trend.
Smart homeland defense solutions can effectively improve management efficiency, construct a comprehensive comprehensive management system for homeland defense, and ensure efficient, stable and safe operation of the overall system.

Homelands Information Security Solution

AI-enabled barracks to improve internal management efficiency and ensure system stability and safety!

Environmental monitoring

Monitor internal and external dynamics in real time, Ensure the normal operation of the barracks

Smart Detection

Intelligent image analysis technology, Real-time detection of abnormal status

Integration Management

Extremely powerful system integration, Improve the efficiency of national defense management

Smart Warehouse

Automatic inventory mechanism, Control the access of gun ammunition

Information Security

Strengthen Defense Information Security, Prevent important secrets from being leaked

Confidentiality | Integrity | Availability

ISO 27001 is an information security management system standard that protects businesses' information resources and ensures healthy and sustainable development of IT. Certification indicates that a robust management system for information security has been established.

IoT Cybersecurity Certification

IoT devices that pass the cybersecurity label evaluation protect the safety of the people's property domestically and is promoted to high-quality goods that offer security protection internationally.

Professional application technology

Environmental security, system integration, and information protection are all in place at once!

AI smart image analysis

Smart computing tech makes image recognition more versatile and potent.

Thermal image

Accurately detect and identify human and industrial temperature with unique thermal imaging technology.

Warehouse Management System

Set up a system to monitor items and personnel, and trigger an alarm when necessary.


Assign an identity code to track and monitor the delivery status of the managed object.

Smart radar detection

Detect reflective objects, intelligently judge object states, widely used in important fields.

Smart Management Platform

Supports multi-level authority management, integrates systems, and reports abnormal status instantly.

The pursuit of safety, quality first as the goal!

3S Licheng System Technology Research Team has many years of experience in design and development to meet the needs and expectations of customers around the world

AI intelligent image analysis technology
Smart Face Search
License plate recognition
People loitering and staying detection
Personnel Intrusion Detection
Thermal imaging technology
Body temperature and mask detection
Cross-line detection
Human detection
Industrial Temperature Detection
Warehouse management system
Radar detection
Thermal image detection
RFID identification technology
Intelligence + automation
Ensure material safety
Smart management platform
  • Software and Hardware Integration Management
  • Powerful management functions
  • Centralized management platform
  • System Management Permission Settings

High-quality product recommendation

Excellent AI function | Each model can provide a variety of intelligent image analysis functions to assist operators in enhancing monitoring efficiency

IP Camera
Speed Dome
IP Camera
Explosion Proof
IP Camera
IP Camera
IP Camera