Building Solutions

We provide digital platform services for community living to solve pain points in residents lives through system integration. 3S specializes in heterogeneous system integration and linkage based on user needs to create cloud-based intelligent life services!

Building Solutions

Monitoring and security system
It is possible to view the status of the home environment remotely in real-time and push and broadcast information alarms in case of abnormal conditions.
Multiple access control system
Supports one-key door opening, one-key call elevator, card access control, QR Code access control visitor, face recognition access control system, etc.
Community cloud intercom system
It can directly communicate with the management switchboard, the door phone visitor intercom, the residents, and the home indoor unit intercom, etc.
Community property management
Provides community announcement information, public office appointments, home repairs, package notifications, water, electricity, gas and management payment, etc.
Parking lot management system
License plate recognition, the app supports visitor parking space reservation.
Shop service
It can connect to the preferential information of nearby businesses.

Three benefits of smart building integration

convenient life

Property company
efficient management

featured store
unlimited business opportunities

Community residents, convenient life

Property company, efficient management

Featured store, unlimited business opportunities

Feature Application

Monitoring and Security System

AI intelligent video analysis and smart video management software & system provides real-time image monitoring, 24/7 video recording, active alarms, intrusion notifications, and remote access via mobile devices for community security.

Multiple Access Control System

The mobile app allows residents to unlock doors, verify visitors, and manage access using face recognition or QR codes for added security in the community.

Community Cloud Intercom System

Cloud access control intercom system turns mobile into an intercom. Visitors can use the app to view visitors, deliveries, and remotely open the door. Contact building admin or call for emergency help.

Community Property Management

App-based community management improves property services and saves costs, while also enhancing residents' living experience.

Parking Management System

The parking management system uses license plate recognition to control entry and exit, and allows residents to use a mobile app to view real-time images and reserve visitor parking spaces. It also supports one-button gate opening and fill light switching to avoid lane blockages.

Store Connection Service

Smart community app offers resident-exclusive discounts, including group purchasing and free meal delivery. More services mean more business opportunities, attracting merchants and meeting resident needs.

High-quality product recommendation

We can design and plan according to your needs, and help you realize digital security monitoring and efficient intelligent management.

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