Thermal, Zoom Camera Module

Thermal / Zoom Camera Module

Both of thermal camera module and zoom camera module are provided with lightweight design and ultra-high resolution, which obtain the best image quality under different conditions, it can be integrated into drones to realize various special applications.

Key Features

Original Design Tech.
High Definition Images
H.265 Compression
Compact Design
Powerful Optical Zoom (Zoom Module Only)
Starlight-Level CMOS (Zoom Module Only)


Compact Design
The compact design of the thermal and zoom camera modules makes them more portable and flexible. Thus, these modules can be widely used in a lot of scenarios, even in specialized fields.
H.265 Compression
Thermal and zoom camera modules support H.265 compression technology, ensuring the maintenance of high-quality images while reducing network bandwidth.
Enhanced Night Vision
These zoom camera modules come in different ranges, from 2MP, 4MP, 5MP, up to 8MP. Combined with starlight technology, the video captured by the camera remains excellent even in low-light environments.
Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
The zoom camera modules feature a built-in optical image stabilization algorithm, greatly reducing the blur caused by vibration especially under large zoom.

Thermal / Zoom Camera Module