HDRC HD Recording Center

HD Recording Center

A good assistant for video recording and storage, the recording task is impeccable

has the best The high-quality video recording capability can truly record all the details of the video, and the rich functions and intuitive operation interface allow users to get started easily; the powerful file management function can effectively improve the efficiency of video file management; flexible and intelligent video recording mode And a backup mechanism to ensure uninterrupted storage of surveillance images; provide a variety of flexible and intelligent video recording and equipment mechanisms to solve the problem of insufficient video storage space, and allow video management and storage to be completed in the shortest time!

HDRC-F recording failover Optional

  • Used as an HDRC host server for failover
  • Support multiple server video backup
  • With failure recovery mechanism
  • You can set the speed of refilling the video
  • HDRC-R Video synchronous backup Optional

  • Synchronous operation with HDRC host server
  • Supports simultaneous recording and backup of multiple servers
  • You can freely choose main/sub stream video backup
  • High-quality video recording and GUI

    Exactly what you need right now

    HDRC is the best solution for high-capacity video recording and stable storage!

    High-definition video technology and instant video

  • Innovative recording engine, saving storage space up to 20%
  • Quickly search and configure cameras with one click
  • Single video server can support 128 real-time video recording
  • Support real-time viewing and playback of multiple browsers
  • Powerful management features

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Fast and easy to complete file management function settings
  • Effectively manage each recording screen and alarm event
  • User management permissions can be customized
  • Flexible video recording mode

  • Support multiple image compression formats
  • Provide multiple recording modes
  • You can freely choose the main and sub-stream video format
  • Various video export file formats
  • Diversified video backup and backup mechanisms

  • Diversified image backup modes
  • Support video file backup mechanism to ensure uninterrupted
  • Optional HDRC-F or HDRC-R software
  • HDRC High Definition Recording Center is a video recording software that integrates video playback, scheduling management and alarm events. It supports various video recording modes and needs. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand. It is easy to get started at the first use, saving the industry Human resources and managing time. HDRC has powerful and rich functions, and is very suitable for large-scale fields or field applications with special functional requirements, and absolutely meets the needs of the industry.

    Intuitive interface, easy to use immediately

    Intuitive operation interface and excellent file management structure allow users to complete management settings quickly.

    Support custom account and permission settings

    The usage authority can be set according to different user rights in the system, and can be classified into three types: system administrator, administrator, and general user Different levels of permissions.

    Equipment can be flexibly expanded to enhance management efficiency

    Excellent storage expansion function, can be freely used with video server or disk array and IP-SAN to meet the long-term video recording needs.

    Excellent backup mechanism to ensure that no data is lost

    When the main video server is faulty or damaged, the backup server will activate the internal backup mechanism within 1 minute to automatically take over the recording of the damaged host, Protect recordings from interruption due to malfunction or equipment damage.

    HDRC Software Specifications

    Software version name HDRC STD HDRC PRO HDRC ADV
    The number of connected cameras 32 CH 64 CH 128 CH
    Number of supported clients 2 5 128
    Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019
    language Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, French and Dutch
    Image resolution Up to 12M, 4K, 2K
    Compressed format H.265, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
    User Management Support an unlimited number of users, directories, and user groups with customizable permissions
    ONVIF Camera Fully compatible with 3S cameras and other ONVIF-certified camera models (provide API integration and complete SDK protocol interface)
    sound format/performance G.711U, G.711A, G.726 / Two-way audio
    Video mode General full-time recording, general weekday recording, general holiday recording, event full-time recording, event weekday recording and event holiday recording
    Export image/video JPEG / AVI, MP4, MKV and NVR (inherited its own format) ※Support watermark overlay function
    Mobile Application 3VMS Mobile App (iOS / Android)
    Alert Management System: startup, shutdown, time, time period, add new channel, remove channel, modify channel, time synchronization failed, storage path changed, hard disk space is full
    Camera: connection, disconnection, start recording, stop recording, motion detection, object detection, hardware body detection, SD card error detection, smart single line detection, smart double line detection, smart area detection, Human detection