Medical Solution

The hospital is the core of the big health medical care of the smart city. We aim to create a smart and safe medical treatment environment by implementing a safety management system, smart medical applications, and remote medical service mechanisms that integrate medical care and nursing.


Comprehensive hardware and software integration and one-stop service
Construct a complete automated medical network system
Strengthening hospital management and application
Reduce the burden of medical manpower
Reducing disasters and medical errors
Connecting information from different stations in the hospital to improve medical efficiency and quality
Connect images and data from each station
Real-time access to patient medical information
Improve outpatient volume and medical quality
Promote revenue and operational efficiency
Combined with mobile devices and apps, medical information can be accessed and controlled at any time
Reverse the outdated medical processes
Provide a comprehensive range of medical services
Monitor the doctor's progress and processes in real-time
Enhance patient satisfaction with medical treatments.
Remote consultation and health monitoring make medical services more accessible and personalized
Transfer patient health data to the cloud
Monitor the patient's health status in real-time
Adjust medical care at the appropriate time
Achieve better accessibility to healthcare

Smart Safety Management System

Smart Parking Management System

Entrance license plate recognition

Smart parking guidance system

Smart car search function

Smart parking fee management

Smart Epidemic Prevention Detection System

Smart body temperature detection

Precise temperature measurement

Support multi-person detection in the same frame

Smart mask detection

Video surveillance management system

Intelligent video monitoring equipment

Intelligent video monitoring software

Access control attendance management system

Linkage between access control and fire warning system

Attendance management system

Access control management system

Face recognition

Very Early Fire Warning System

Thermal imaging sensing technology

Emergency intercom system

Linkage with the sound & light alarm system

Telephone emergency alarm

Floor automatic energy management system

A/C control system

Water Supply & drainage System

Energy management system

Lighting control system

Smart elevator Control System

Smart Medical Management System

Smart Healthcare

Integrated smart healthcare services are becoming a trend as hospitals incorporate management systems to enhance the quality of medical care!

Smart Outpatient Management

More efficient

Easy medical visit
Shorten visits time
Increase operational efficiency
Increase patient satisfaction.

Smart ward management system

Strengthen doctor-patient communication.

Bedside care
Go AWOL detect
Intelligent physiological quantity test
Patient Behavior detect

Smart Nursing Station

Improve the quality of medical services

Smart mobile nursing car
Smart electronic whiteboard
Smart Nursing control room

Indoor Positioning System

Electronic fence application

Track people and things
Create an electronic circle fence
fire disaster relief application

Smart medicine cabinet management

Zero medication error

Controlled drug access status
Strengthen drug management
Master drug inventory
Assisted Care Process

Smart telemedicine services

Enhanced telemedicine application

High demand for telemedicine services due to global pandemic, providing comprehensive medical care to patients through platform services.
APP mobile service
Appointment registration
Visual consultation
Receipt of medicine and payment
Telemedicine video consultation
Rural healthcare
Epidemic prevention
Assistance for patients with mobility issues
Smart Remote Health Monitoring
Track Patient Health
Connect health records
Unrestricted real-time care.

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