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3S is currently looking for ambitious sales, product and technical managers. The roles are truly international and offer the opportunity to work with one of the most innovative organizations in surveillance.
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Education Training

Provide professional education and training

1. Newcomer training
2. Industrial safety and health training
3. ERP training
4. Professional technical training and seminars
5. General Liberal Training
6. Quality Management Training
7. Supervisor management training
Welfare System

Provide good employee benefits

1. Year-end bonus, performance bonus
2. Labor insurance, health insurance, and labor retreat

3. Regular health checkup 4. Three-section bonus, wedding payment, maternity allowance
5. Annual domestic and international employee travel subsidies
6. Newcomer training, on-the-job education training
Retirement system

Provide good retirement benefits

Retirement conditions: Employees who have served the company for 25 years or 55 years of age and have worked for more than 15 years or over 60 years of age may apply for voluntary retirement. Workers who are 65 years of age or have lost their minds or are physically disabled may be forced to retire.

Retirement provision: The retirement reserve of the old-age retirement employee, the amount of the actuary calculated by the company is regularly deposited into the special account of the Bank of Taiwan. Applicable to the new system of retired employees, 6% of the salary paid to the labor insurance bureau will be paid to the individual account of the Labor Insurance Bureau on a monthly basis, and the voluntary contributions will be paid to the individual account of the Labor Insurance Bureau.
Pension payment: The amount of payment is calculated according to law. Those who apply for the retirement reserve of a Taiwanese bank account in the old system must be approved by the company's retirement reserve supervision committee. New pensions have been deposited with the special accounts of the Labor Insurance Bureau. Employees can apply to the Labor Insurance Bureau after they meet the conditions.