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As a leader in transportation surveillance worldwide, we prioritize product quality and compliance. Each product undergoes stringent quality checks before being rolled out. The most important aspect is that reliable and durable devices can enhance transportation and in-vehicle video surveillance efficiency for businesses everywhere, allowing enterprises to focus on expanding their business rather than worrying about transportation video management.

Compliance & Certification

GSA and TAA, NDAA Compliances

We are honored to be one of the qualified suppliers and we ensure that all manufactured products fully comply with the requirements of TAA and NDAA.

Premium Quality

The factory of 3S System has the most latest and advanced production equipment, standardized process technology, and ISO 9001 international certification.

Stable Supply

3S is based in Taiwan and self-operated, supplemented by rich product manufacturing experience and comprehensive supply chain to provide perfect customized services.

Patents & International Certifications

Our products have received new patent certification and numerous certifications from domestic and international institutions, eliminating any concerns about product quality and information security for our customers.

Outstanding Core Technology

3S professional products are equipped with powerful AI chip and based on AI deep learning to recognize and detect vast human, vehicle, object and animals in real-time.

High Definition Images

All camera provide an outstanding viewing experience, delivering much clearer images, whether it's day or night.

Robust Protective Design

All 3S products are engineered to withstand demanding outdoor conditions. Its rugged housing provides excellent protection for the camera body against harsh weather conditions.

Installation Friendly

Our products are designed with a design that simplifies the installation process, reducing the time installers need to spend on-site.

Manufactured for quality, reliability and compliance

EN50155 Railway Standard Certification

The 3S product equipment meets EN50155 railway certification, designed to withstand challenging railway environmental conditions such as altitude, humidity, impact, vibration, temperature, and electrical variations, ensuring optimized performance for safe applications.

E-Mark Certification

The onboard equipment provided by 3S complies with E-Mark European vehicle product certification, making it an excellent choice for vehicle, train, railway, and fleet management.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Compliant with the latest 56-3 electromagnetic compatibility regulations to prevent unseen electromagnetic wave interference in the environment from affecting the vehicle's electronic systems, ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Flammability of Interior Materials

Interior wires have passed Flammability of interior materials of Vehicle Safety Testing, which helps prevent flame spread and reduces the burning rate when a fire event happened.


3S Support Your Business Need



All-in-One Solution
Combine train system data on operations, equipment, passengers, and personnel into one platform for intelligent monitoring by the operations control center.


Safety Backed By Technology
Keep your vehicles, cargo, and drivers safe with the power of AI and IoT. It helps Fleet Managers, Owners, and Operators take decisive action by leveraging rich data and analytics, and automating processes to save time and money.


Keep Up With Compliance
The vehicular equipment we provide complies with domestic and international legal regulations, effectively ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles, and elevating safety, efficiency, and compliance to new levels


Increase Safety & Manage Risk
When equipment issues trigger alarms, the system swiftly shows the location on the map, and sends immediate alarm notifications, enabling precise control for driving safety.

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