Road Solution

Image combined with AI intelligent analysis can identify different traffic conditions!

The 3S IP Camera uses a high-sensitivity sensor to capture clear images even in low-light or high-speed environments. Combining radar detection technology and LPR algorithms enables efficient road safety.

License plate detection

Speeding Capture

Vehicle Flow Monitoring

Traffic Light Control

Track the suspect

Highway & Road Monitoring

Radar bullet IP cameras can effectively assist the operation control center in monitoring traffic conditions, detecting traffic flow, tracking illegal vehicles and calculating speed, vehicle type and distance. The operation control center can master real-time traffic information any time, implement the speed control and relevant traffic management strategies according to traffic conditions.

Intersection Monitoring

Radar bullet IP cameras can accurately capture the illegal moving vehicles, collect characteristic images at different time or positions, and record illegal actions as overspeed, running red lights, illegal turning and double parking. When the license plate number of stolen or offending vehicles are input into the identification system, each plate numbers compare with the system one by one. If a suspicious vehicle is found, alarm will be issued immediately to improve the efficiency of law enforcement.

Smart Road Video

3S Red light violation detection

3S Pedestrian detection in crosswalks

3S Illegal parking detection

3S Vehicle type recognition