Server & Workstation

Intel NVR Server

3S Intel NVR has a built-in processor with more than four cores, large storage capacity, and supports multiple video server connections. A single video server can record and manage up to 128 network cameras at the same time, stacking multiple video servers, And up to more than 100,000 channels of video management.

Streaming Server

The streaming server supports unlimited video streaming, distributing to multiple clients with real-time transcoding for diverse device compatibility. It enables multi-stream management, bandwidth optimization, and robust security, while facilitating recording and storage for historical analysis.

AI Server

3S AI Server boasts powerful computation, real-time inference, multi-model support, GPU acceleration, large storage, robust security, scalability, and automated management, providing a reliable foundation for diverse AI applications.

Enterprise Workstation

The 3S high-performance workstation computer is tailor-made for demanding projects and high-end applications. It features the latest Intel® Xeon® processors and high-end professional graphics cards, providing powerful performance that significantly enhances image processing speed. It also boasts excellent expandability, allowing for memory and storage capacity expansion according to user needs, enabling an extremely efficient workflow.