ASCM Automation Security Control Management Platform

Automated security control management platform

The best choice for integrating a large field monitoring platform

ASCM is specially designed for the integration of various heterogeneous systems. Whether it is access control, alarm, perimeter anti-intrusion, POS, factory monitoring, building management, environmental control and fire protection, etc., they can all be monitored and managed through an intuitive interface. The intelligent division of labor among the various systems is integrated into a single management platform according to field requirements or business processes, which is convenient for users to operate and control.

Innovative and user-friendly interface

  • Users can customize the user interface (template)
  • Paging operation, information at a glance
  • Clear classification and presentation of each subsystem and function
  • Represent each status through the system status dashboard diagram
  • The real-time status of the subsystem
  • Alarm events can be prompted immediately

  • Integrate various security subsystems such as access control, fire alarm, audio-visual intercom emergency button, etc., and you can clearly know the location of the alarm through the jump map display page
  • Instant alarm notification, support alarm sound reminder
  • Support warning message memorandum, warning messages can be notified by SMS or email, and recorded in the event log
  • Electronic map real-time image monitoring

    You can directly view the real-time status of cameras, access control card machines, alarms and other integrated devices on the electronic map

    AI analysis and system linkage

  • Support a variety of AI smart image analysis applications: face recognition, license plate recognition, perimeter anti-intrusion, etc.
  • Support audio-visual intercom emergency button system
  • Evolving from traditional passive monitoring to active integrated analysis and early warning, improving the scalability of the number and type of system equipment, and greatly reducing the inconvenience of a single system being too slow, a large number of manpower operations, and difficult access after the event. With in-depth intelligent management and control, it can improve the safety and operational efficiency of the field environment and equipment, reduce manpower consumption, and truly achieve the purpose of intelligence, automation, and real-time. In order to achieve efficient image management, it provides multi-level electronic maps and precise alarm management functions, which can be applied regardless of the size of the field and absolutely meet your needs.

    Intuitive operation interface, enhance user experience

    The unique and innovative operation interface design provides user-defined display screens and flexible configurations. The home page clearly classifies and presents each subsystem and function , easy to operate and easy to use.

    Dashboard Status Dashboard

    Dashboard status dashboard is through a single display screen and simple and easy-to-understand charts, which integrates real-time monitoring of access control, POS, alarm and other subsystems status and system response.

    Split screen and template page

    Built in a variety of image split screen templates. After selection, the camera screen can be placed on the split page and saved as a specific template page for convenience It is convenient for subsequent use. In addition, operations such as displaying watermark content, playback, and export can be set on the template.

    Smart face search

    Conduct face search for unknown persons or visitors, confirm the place where the face has appeared through reverse search, and when the reverse search is performed, the The face performs the visitor registration action, and finds the time when the face appeared through the time zone search method.

    Video replay

    Click the synchronous playback button on the toolbar to play back multiple channels or a single screen, and quickly search for the video time through the time axis.

    E-Map electronic map monitoring real-time status

    The built-in electronic map function presents cameras, access control card machines, alarms, etc. in a graphical way, and the real-time information of location equipment devices on each network point status, the administrator can quickly identify the exact location of the event, and access the relevant real-time and synchronous playback images, and then take corresponding actions.

    Integrate various security subsystems and display them in conjunction with the image management system

    Integrate various security subsystems such as access control, fire alarm, emergency audio-visual intercom button, etc., you can clearly understand the location and status of the alarm through the alarm page, when an abnormality occurs When the situation occurs, the warning message is displayed on the page in real time, which can be used as real-time viewing and synchronous query of alarm records, and related video screens.

    ASCM Software Specifications

    Software version name ASCM STD ASCM ADV ASCM CMS
    Warning monitoring
    Alert log
    Access Control System
    Object search
    Face recognition
    Search Server Automatic configuration by CMS
    Group settings Automatic configuration by CMS
    Account Settings Automatic configuration by CMS
    Layout configuration
    Joystick Configuration
    Audio broadcast settings
    Access control settings
    Rolling settings
    System settings
    Face setting
    Alert Settings
    Desktop recording
    Automatic version update ✓(with CMS)

    Introduction to Heterogeneous Subsystem Integration

    Integrate with ASCM for image linkage and real-time alarm display

    Access control management system

    It can detect the access control of people in a specific area, and the AI camera can perform real-time face image detection and extraction, and the face data can be quickly sent to the database for analysis and comparison. When the identities do not match, the access control system will automatically deny access, and link the alarm to notify the administrator, effectively preventing unauthorized intrusion by unknown persons.

    License Plate Recognition System

    With excellent video surveillance technology to realize the high-tech license plate recognition system, the AI camera first detects and extracts the license plate of the moving vehicle, and then the back-end system performs Identification analysis and real-time comparison, directly give pass or block. It can also be quickly integrated with the license plate recognition function built into the camera of 3S.

    Very Early Fire Warning System

    Using the AI algorithm in the 3S thermal imaging camera, it can detect the temperature change status in a specific area. The monitoring personnel can confirm the fire signs and the location of the fire accident through the monitoring screen. Then take emergency response measures quickly.

    Audio-video intercom emergency SOS system

    Emergency equipment is installed in public or private places. When an emergency occurs, the emergency button can be pressed immediately to connect to the guard room or central control center for audio-visual intercom and Push message, group broadcast and other functions.

    Factory monitoring and management system

    From the energy management of the factory to the monitoring of equipment and machines, combined with intelligent analysis and early warning mechanism, managers can see all kinds of information about the actual situation of the factory, through system process analysis map, you can grasp the dynamic situation of the whole region, and then make appropriate adjustments and management.

    Perimeter anti-intrusion system

    Different detection and sensing devices can be set up for specific areas or environments to effectively detect terrorist attacks or thieves intrusions and other abnormal conditions. When the area is invaded, it can be detected by The monitoring center carries out emergency response measures.

    Building automation management system

    Starting from the concept of integrating energy saving and intelligence, the equipment in the building is automatically controlled and integrated, including: air conditioning, lighting, electromechanical, fire protection, etc., as well as information and information provided by users Communication and other services, and then create a comfortable, convenient and safe home office environment.

    Wireless Positioning System

    It can accurately locate the location of equipment or personnel in the building, and effectively assist managers to track the location of personnel or tangible objects. This system is often used in industrial safety inspections, fire rescue , commercial activities, medical care, etc.

    Advanced Apps and Devices

    High-definition video command center

    HDCC high-definition video command center is a powerful 3S video viewing management platform, which supports unlimited access to the number of cameras (up to 128 channels for viewing) and Multi-screen video display (up to 4 screens), and the audio-visual video can also be integrated into the 3S dedicated video wall decoder and video wall matrix display software to form a large-scale video wall solution, achieving fast, convenient and simple audio-visual matrix display at one time Screen management. Learn more

    TV wall management

    Electronic map

    Synchronized playback

    Quick Search

    Group display

    One-click easy camera setup

    Automatically search the video server and set the camera directly, saving manpower and time.

    Show real-time and playback images simultaneously

    The real-time video and playback screen can be displayed synchronously, and there is no need to interrupt the monitoring work of other cameras during playback.

    Visual electronic map with a global overview

    Freely set cameras and alarm icons on the electronic map page according to actual needs, and can be linked on each electronic map.

    Smart Mobile Search

    Frame a specific area on the screen, and any moving objects within the framed area will be marked on the time axis for quick search.

    HDCC Dedicated for HDCC software deployment

    Intel workstation

    High-end computer mainframe specially designed for the professional field, equipped with high-performance CPU processor, independent display card, high-capacity hard disk and memory, rich I/O interface, and its excellent multi-tasking processing ability, It can meet the normal operation of complex workflows in various industries and exert amazing and powerful performance.