Integration Platform


Highly Diverse Integration Platform- Designed to integrate diverse systems

PC Client
Install the software on your computer or workstation and have it up and running in just a few minutes.
Web Viewer
Allows users to view and search video from remote locations over the Internet and can be accessed via a web browser
Mobile Client
Allows users to view and search video from remote locations over the Internet and can be accessed via a web browser



ASCM is specially designed to integrate diverse systems including access control system, alarming system, perimeter protection system and a variety of security systems. ASCM provides dashboard, visible e-map, user-defined template, and alarm notifications to help administrators manage environment in safety. Administrators can monitor system status and equipment conditions in one platform easily.

Key Features

Dashboard All in one Monitoring
Integrate Diverse System
High Customized Flexibility
Visible E-map Monitoring
Support Multiple Layout
Real-time Alarm Notifications



The superior control management platform enhances the scalability of equipment, greatly reduces the inconveniences of traditional systems, and a large number of manual operations and difficulties. Depth intelligent management and control can improve safety and operation efficiency of the environment and devices, reduce labor consumption, and truly achieve the purpose of intelligence, automation and timeliness.

Intuitive Interface Improves User's Experience

Unique and innovative interface provides user-defined layout and flexible configuration. All the functions of subsystems are classified and presented clearly on the home page, easy to use.

Segmentation Page and Template

Built in a variety of image segmentation page templates. You can set cameras quickly on the segmentation page and save as the specific template page for use. In addition, you can set the watermark content, playback and export files.

Exceptional Dashboard

The dashboard presents the real-time status of current image, access control, POS, alarm and other subsystems by means of the chart on a single page.

Video Playback

Click the synchronous playback button on the toolbar to playback multiple or single video and search the video quickly through the time axis.

Smart Target Search

Advanced smart target search feature helps you to locate the video footprint by your criteria. It may includes face, car, license plate, backpack, suitcase and etc. *Application needs 3Smart AI software integration.

Real-time E-map Monitoring

E-map can present the real-time status of cameras, access control card machine, alarms and other integrated equipment and devices in an image-based manner, so that managers can identify the exact location of the event quickly in the work environment and take corresponding actions.

Subsystems Integration

Integrated into ASCM for pop up notification and image linkage display

Access Control System
Access control products include a wide range of card readers, controllers, and cards. You may authorize personnel to access specific areas depending on defined areas or departments. The exhaustive information of the attendance or device information can be checked and managed clearly no matter it is on a workday or on a holiday.
Emergency Alarm System
Set up emergency rescue equipment in public or private places. When an emergency occurs, you can press the emergency rescue button immediately to connect to the security office or central control center by video intercom, push message, group broadcast and so on.
Very Early Fire Warning System
The AI algorithm in the thermal IP cameras can detect the temperature change status in a specific area. The monitoring personnel can confirm the location of flame through the monitoring screen, and then take emergency measures rapidly.
License Plate Recognition System
It has excellent image monitoring technology to realize the high-tech license plate recognition system, AI IP cameras can extract, capture and identify the license plate number and different types of moving vehicles to complete identification and comparison by back-end system.
Facility Monitoring Control System
Intelligent analysis and early warning mechanisms in energy management provide factory managers with real-time insights. System flow analysis charts enable dynamic oversight, allowing for timely adjustments and effective management.
Perimeter Protection System
Deploy diverse sensors in targeted areas to prevent security threats. In case of intrusion, the control center swiftly initiates emergency response measures.
Building Automation Management System
Integrate energy-efficient solutions for automatic control and management of building systems. Enhance comfort, convenience, and safety in home and office environments with smart technologies.
Wireless Positioning System
Precisely locate equipment or personnel in buildings for efficient tracking. Applied in industrial safety, fire rescue, commercial activities, and medical care.

ASCM Software Specifications

Software ASCM
Warning monitoring
Alert log
Access Control System
Object search
Face recognition
Search Server Automatic configuration by CMS
Group settings Automatic configuration by CMS
Account Settings Automatic configuration by CMS
Layout configuration
Joystick Configuration
Audio broadcast settings
Access control settings
Rolling settings
System settings
Face setting
Alert Settings
Desktop recording
Automatic version update ✓ (Configuratioin by CMS)