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TV wall solution

Flexibly used in traffic control centers, multimedia advertising billboards, exhibition venues, exhibition centers, railway stations, MRT stations, airports...etc.

Large screen dynamic wall, real-time monitoring without dead ends

Display different types of IP front-end equipment images on the overall large-screen dynamic wall, flexibly configure different display modes to monitor various applications, and match with video wall decoders The image is decoded, and then through the output interface, the image output is displayed on the TV wall, so that the viewer can watch in a wide range and obtain more real-time image information.

Matrix screen, optional splicing method

The TV wall screen can be set through the exclusive matrix controller and system software, and different display effects can be made according to the needs, achieving one-to-many or many-to-many multiple The application mode can present high-quality picture quality, making the application of audio-visual extension more extensive!
32-channel video wall decoder
Can decode up to 12 million pixel network camera, 60FPS per second, easy to capture video details per second, with HDMI 2.0 output interface, can support up to 4K screen resolution Spend.
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Dedicated workstation for TV wall
It is specially designed for high-end computer mainframes used in TV walls. It can customize the split screen of the TV wall, and supports multi-screen and cross-screen display at the same time. Up to 128 channels of video can be viewed in real time.
TV wall matrix display software
Cross-screen splicing display, through software settings, you can quickly deploy a monitoring video wall, which can display a single image or cross-screen images, and up to 128 channels of images can be watched in real time and replayed synchronously.

Video Deployment Smart Tools

Save calculation function
Precisely calculate the storage hard disk capacity and total bandwidth required for video recording
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Camera Search Assistant
Quickly configure or search all IP cameras
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Batch Settings Tool
Configure camera images and picture settings in batches
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Automatic upgrade tool
Configure camera images and picture settings in batches
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Smart focus mobile application
Quickly and easily view webcams and video servers