3Smart AI

3Smart AI Smart Image Analysis

3S core research and development - advanced AI intelligent image analysis technology

AI makes image monitoring more intelligent, accurate, safe and efficient!

3Smart IPCAM

Edge smart computing

Internet camera front-end intelligence analysis
Through the AI intelligent edge computing technology, the extracted images can be intelligently learned and calculated by the built-in algorithm of the AI network camera, which effectively shortens the analysis and processing time and improves the image recognition efficiency.

3Smart AI

Cloud smart computing

Smart video software back-end calculation analysis
Back-end software 3Smart AI intelligent image analysis technology is used for identification function, and high-performance HDRC video software is used to form a powerful AI identification system.
Face Recognition
Face Detection
Abnormal Face Detection
Smart Face Search
People Counting Analysis
Crowd Density Analysis
People & Object Intruding Detection
License Plate Recognition
License Plate Detection
Vehicle Counting and Classification
Traffic Jam Detection
Rail/Road Obstacles Detection
Reverse Direction Detection
Smart Target Search
Dynamic Video Concentration
Smart Motion Detection
Object Status Detection
People Loitering Detection
Line Crossing Detection
Thermal imaging application
Slope Slide/Object Intrusion Detection The application
Thermal imaging application
Human detection
Thermal imaging application
Body Temperature and Mask Detection
Thermal imaging application
Environmental/Industrial Temperature Detection
Thermal imaging application
Smart Behavior Detection
Thermal imaging application
Tailgating Detection
PTZ Auto Tracking
Privacy Mask
Abnormal Video Diagnosis