Factory Solutions

Taiwan is a key player in the global supply chain, particularly in the semiconductor industry. With recent events like the pandemic, the market is shifting towards smart manufacturing. 3S offers comprehensive and efficient solutions for both on-site and off-site areas, including video surveillance, environmental safety, equipment, and production management. Let us guide you on your journey to a smart factory.

Factory Solutions

Smart factory management and environmental safety

Assist in the management of factory affairs, save time, effort, safety, and achieve industrial automation!

Equipment automation management
Visual production management with real-time data acquisition
performance and report management
Immediate/remote monitoring and management

Centralized Management of Video and Data

Professional application technology

Application of multiple IP cameras

We equip high-risk or special environmental fields with the most appropriate security monitoring products, including multiple web cameras. Our patented technology and professional certification ensure absolute quality assurance.

Thermal imaging sensing system and application

3S thermal imaging camera adopts the latest uncooled thermal sensor technology, combined with fast and advanced AI identification technology, it is the first choice to strengthen the environmental security mechanism!

Industrial Temperature Monitoring

Improve the industrial safety level of the factory area and create a safe working environment

Fire detection

Excellent fire source detection performance, providing early warning effect

Cross-line detection

Intelligent cross-line detection function reduces the pressure of manual supervision

Zone Intrusion Detection

Sharp intelligent detection and monitoring, abnormal status can be notified immediately

System integration linkage and management

The linkage between ASCM and FMCS can assist factories to complete diversified management and integration services, grasp various needs of factories respectively, and enhance industrial competitiveness!

ASCM Automation Security Control Management Platform

FMCS Factory Monitoring and Management System

High-quality product recommendation

Explosion Proof
IP Camera
Speed Dome
IP Camera
Speed Dome
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IP Camera
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