Bispectral, Thermal

Bispectral / Thermal IP Camera

3S bispectral & thermal IP cameras adopt the latest sensor technology. These AI-capable thermal cameras are built with a single or dual-lens, enabling them to capture thermal and optical images simultaneously. They can detect heat sources, measure temperatures, and trigger alarms. Thermal & Bi-spectrum IP cameras enhance safety and visibility for perimeter protection and fire prevention.

Key Features

Original Design Technology
Unique Detection Technology
Rugged Mechanism Design
Accurate Detection of Heat Source
Intelligent Video Analysis
International Certifications

Thermal Image Features

Unique Thermal Image Technology
Uncooled Microbolometer
Bispectral model with dual lens
Thermal model with single lens
Visible Temperature Map
Accurate Detection

Thermal Image Applications

Military Operation
Perimeter Protection
Police on Patrol
Border Surveillance
Human / Behavior Recognition
Fire Prevention
Industrial Temp. Recognition
Body Temp. & Mask Recognition

Bispectral IP Camera

Thermal IP Camera

Thermal Module

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