Education Solution

When technologies such as mobile Internet access and cloud computing have drastically changed the face of human life, digital management on campus will also change the state of campus life.
Cameras throughout the campus can be integrated, and through AI recognition technology, applications such as smart face recognition, object search, and smart parking system can be realized to strengthen campus security and services.

Education Solution

Smart Safety Management System

AI starts a new milestone on campus

Integrating campus security management systems and learning management systems can help schools provide a safer and higher-quality learning environment!

Smart Learning Management System

Smart Safety Management System

Monitoring all day

Includes both inside and outside the campus

Safe and safe

High-efficiency image management system

Strengthen vigilance

Set up access control at the entrance and exit

Detect anomalies

Combine intelligent image analysis function

Know it all the time

Real-time remote viewing of campus dynamics

Smart parking management system

The campus parking entrances and exits are equipped with license plate recognition and parking guidance to reduce the time for vehicles to detour and reduce carbon emissions.
License plate recognition
License plate detection and extraction
Parking guidance

Smart epidemic prevention detection system

An epidemic prevention detection system is installed at the entrance and exit of the campus to screen the temperature of teachers and students passing by to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Face detection and extraction
Body temperature detection
Mask detection

Smart video surveillance management system

Set up high-quality cameras for dangerous areas or blind spots in the environment to strengthen the safety of the campus environment.

Intelligent video monitoring equipment

Intelligent video monitoring equipment

Smart access control management system

Set up access control at entrances and exits or dormitories to prevent unknown persons from entering the campus and endangering the safety of teachers and students.
Face recognition
Face recognition access control system
Face recognition access control integration

Smart video analysis system

With a number of intelligent video detection, it can make up for the security loopholes caused by insufficient manpower, and an alarm can be issued when there is an abnormality.
People loitering and staying detection
Person/Object Intrusion Detection
Intelligent Feature Target Search

Smart energy-saving control system

Manage the indoor and outdoor electricity, water, lighting, etc. of the campus, and can automatically adjust in response to environmental changes to reduce costs.

Smart Learning Management System

Provide information

Instant Campus Digital Bulletin Board

Quick use

Online application or appointment function

Class roll call

Connect campus attendance system

Time-saving and convenient

All-day book management and inquiry

Convenient for retrieval

Provide online transcript service

School Bulletin Board
Real-time push without missing connections

Receive real-time updates from various school administrative units on your mobile phone, and teachers can use the app to send course and activity messages to students.

Let learning go anywhere
Class roll call is so easy

Students can take online courses remotely through the APP when they are unable to attend school. After logging in, they can complete roll call assignments and engage in interactive digital learning.

Full record of learning history
Communication Learning Accessibility

APP provides digital teaching materials, allowing students to access the entire course content and the learning management system records the learning process, enabling teachers and students to track their learning progress.

Series school administration system
More convenient service

APP connects to the school administration system, providing functions such as student leave, announcement push, and absence query, making teacher-student interaction more convenient.

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