In-Vehicle DVR

High-Definition In-Vehicle DVR (XVR)

The shell of the 8-channel vehicle-specific video recorder is made of aluminum alloy anti-corrosion coating, which can prevent external dust and water splash; the fanless design effectively reduces power consumption; the storage of this machine is all high-resolution images, and it is equipped with a vehicle-specific LCD The video screen can be viewed in real time, and it has good readability even in strong sunlight. All models are equipped with the G-Sensor function, which can instantly respond to sudden traffic accidents, and the recorded images can be automatically locked; with the vehicle image monitoring operation platform, more high-quality management services can be provided.
Made in Taiwan, aluminum alloy anti-corrosion coating strong case
Automotive wire passed the "material flame retardancy" test certification
Configure vehicle G-Sensor acceleration sensor
Passed ARTC/VSCC certification and complied with the latest 56-3 "Electromagnetic Compatibility" regulations

In-Vehicle DVR ( XVR )