CMS Central Management System


CMS supports administrators to realize centralized management.



CMS is a centralized management platform that consolidates the identity, authentication, and access permissions of all systems into a unified platform. It assists users in managing account credentials and permissions, ensuring the specific information is accsessed only by authenticated individuals. Additionally, it allows users to review operation logs, receive real-time messages, manage mobile accounts, and manage TV wall.

Key Features

Design for Users
Centralized Management
Intuitive Layout
Improve Efficiency
Authority Management
Status of Recording
Central Authorization Management
Super administrator can establish multiple user accounts and groups different usage and viewing authority by levels, enabling efficient integration and management.
Monitoring Host Health
With a user-friendly User Interface for you to monitor and analyze the status of each host. The operation history and the relevant information can be exported as line charts and pie charts. When detecting any abnormal status, it would alert users to take prevention measures for potential defects.


Strip-style operation interface

New stylized user interface, obvious buttons and list-style menu design create user-friendly experience and efficient management for administrators.

Authorization Management

CMS is a robust management platform that enables administrators to remotely access and manage multiple sites and locations. Super administrator can establish multiple user accounts and groups who have different use and viewing authority by levels. Each account has their own credentials for accessing CMS.

View Operation Records Clearly

As long as a user login, the system will fully record the user’s operations on the platform, and relevant account information can be accessed at any time.

Visual E-map

The visual range of the camera can be marked on the camera diagram on the e-map according to the position and illumination angle of each camera, allowing administrators to know the monitoring area of each camera.

Reliable Backup System

Optimizing resource utilization through a single entry point for distributing and managing the workload across multiple servers. The load balancing principle is employed to achieve optimal resource utilization. Additionally, the backend servers are mutually redundant, safeguarding data from potential damage or disruption caused by abnormal server states

Cloud-Based Storage and Management

You have the flexibility to select from a range of storage options that cater to your specific requirements. CMS stands out for its adaptability, granting users the liberty to opt for either local or cloud-based storage, ensuring versatility without limitations.

CMS Software Specifications

Software CMS
Version STD PRO
(+Log Server)
(+Log Server & CMS Portal)
User Settings
AD user settings
Permission setting
Group settings
Watermark setting
Account rule setting
Device management
Operation record
Instant Action Message
System Information
Third-party integration settings
Mobile account settings
Device status display
Event record query
Load balancing