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◆  Live video
◆  Live monitoring
◆  Video replay
◆  Preview capture
◆  Alarm information
◆  Video file download
◆  Vehicle Track Search / Replay
◆  Electronic fence alarm configuration


E-Map Support E-map browning GPS location feedback
Support E-map searching devices in current region
Support E-map searching historical devices
Support map display mode
Support map control
Support map switch
Cloud Function Support remote pan/tilt control, auto-cruise, pan/tilt focal length adjust, aperture setting, preset point and focus adjust.
Intercom Support dual talk with driver
Audio Monitor Support one way audio monitoring in the vehicle
Track Replay Support track playback according to time, location spacing or static duration. Show report of along track points and stop location on the same screen.
Record Replay Support video playback according to time, video file stored location, video type and playback image from recorded video with alarm. Show video playback and location information on the same screen.
Alarm Setup Support video channel linkage, alarm video duration setup, channels for capturing pictures, alarm sound linkage, alarm recording linkage, E-map lock, automatic alarm pop-up window, automatic two-way intercom and alarm time setup.
System Parameter Support 12 languages, 2 interface styles, GPS time setup, node expansion, multi-screen mode, default online device, vehicle area display and file type of video playback log.
Video Parameter Support video stream default, video buffer time, video display parameters setup, video transmission protocol, and video file format setup.
Map Parameter Support map type (Baidu, Google, Mapinfo), geographic location interpretation, speed unit (km, mile, nautical mile).
Others File management, automatic shutdown setup, recording setup, and report query.
* System performance will be varied by hardware and software usage.