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Automobile Cloud

Automobile cloud platform

 Storage of Automobile images, alarm events, etc.
 Data database configuration and maintenance
 User assignment management
 Automobile DVR equipment distribution management
 Automobile access management
 Automobile media data forwarding
 Client access distribution management
 Wi-Fi automatic connection management



Software Registration Support Internet network registered through the network authorization mode and the VPN network registered through the VPN authorizaiton mode (authorized devices are divided into video devices and GPS devices.)
Database Configuration Support database type, name, address, port and user configuration. Support databse recovery and big data import, backup, reconstruction, restore, cleanup and data migration setup.
Alarm and SMS Linkage Support SMS notification and email notification configuration.
Main Storage Configuration Support central storage capacity warning, automatic coverage of archived space or stop recording setup.
Data Forwarding Configuration of JT/T 809 Platform Support data forwarded to supervisory platform setup.
WIFI Automatic Download Service Configuration Support WIFI automatic download to disk, download parameter and list display setup.
Automatic Maintenance Service Configuration Support automatic maintenance, server restart time and frequency setup.
Client Web Platform Name and Logo Customization Support client Web platform name and Logo setup, and Web end copyright statement.
Client PC Platform Name and Logo Customization Support client PC Logo and location setup.

* System performance will be varied by hardware and software usage.