Software | 3VCC


◆  Vehicle map monitoring
◆  Vehicle status
◆  GPS location search
◆  Google/Baidu map support
◆  Vehicle live video
◆  Vehicle group management
◆  Video search replay
◆  Track search replay


Location Position Support remote real-time GPS location feedback
Support vehicle name display
Support switching fleet vehicles with left/right clicks
Support refreshing time and date display
Support vehicle search and record search
Real-time Video Support remote real-time 4CH video browsing
Support video playback
Supoort video stop
Support cloud platform control
Support video screen capture
Support video screen recording
Support audio monitoring and dialogue
Track Search Support the client to play back the track according to time or position spacing or static duration, select play and pause.
Setting Support user account logout and switch, GPS refreshing, speed unit, GEO address, version number, update time and software declaration.
Record Replay Support search and play videos for selected vehicles and time. Selected videos include regular routes and alarm recordings.
* System performance will be varied by hardware and software usage.