Video Management Software

Intelligent video monitoring software and system

3S intelligent image surveillance software can be flexibly applied to various market demands, making management more convenient

Intuitive interface, easy to understand

Easy to understand and user-friendly operation interface, combined with streamlined operation process and intuitive graphic UI design, both general users and professional users can understand at a glance and get started easily.

Elastic deployment, easy setup

It has rich and advanced management functions, provides user-defined layout and flexible configuration, and can easily complete all image settings in a very short period of time, making management more convenient.

Efficient management and stable operation

It has rich and advanced management functions, provides user-defined layout and flexible configuration, and can easily complete all image settings in a very short period of time, making management more convenient.

Mobile viewing, remote monitoring

Support remote real-time viewing, no need to keep an eye on the monitoring image, just connect to the computer or mobile device through the network, you can grasp the system and equipment dynamics anytime, anywhere, and easily complete remote monitoring .

Support protocol, easy integration

Provide 3S network cameras that comply with the ONVIF international product standard agreement, as well as outstanding intelligent image recording and management software, heterogeneous system integration platform, AI image intelligent analysis software, and easily complete various Integrate requirements and subvert users' imagination of image management software.

Elastic expansion, enhanced performance

According to changes in different fields and usage conditions, it can flexibly expand the smart security monitoring equipment and its quantity for users. At the same time, it can also be used with stronger and more stable smart image management software to effectively improve system performance.


With the best high-quality video recording capability, it can record all the details of the video, rich functions and intuitive operation interface, allowing users to get started easily; powerful file management functions, effectively improving the efficiency of video file management; flexible video The recording mode and backup mechanism ensure uninterrupted storage of surveillance images; a variety of expandable equipment mechanisms are provided to solve the problem of insufficient recording storage space, allowing recording management and storage to be completed in the shortest time!Learn more


It is specially designed for the integration of various heterogeneous systems. Whether it is access control, alarm, perimeter anti-intrusion, POS, factory monitoring, building management, environmental control and fire protection, etc., all systems can be monitored and managed through an intuitive interface. Intelligent division of labor among different users, integrated into a single management platform according to the needs of the scene or business process, which is convenient for users to operate and control.Learn more


CMS is a centralized monitoring and management platform with extremely powerful management functions. Through intuitive setting steps, it can uniformly manage all user account authority authentication, operation record storage, equipment information collection and equipment alarms. All actions performed on the platform are recorded here, and the scale and functions of the monitoring system can be flexibly expanded in response to changes in the environment to meet changing needs.Learn more


Integrate the front-end video to store the ever-increasing audio-visual files, and through stream management, send them to the client in a stable and fast manner to play audio-visual content smoothly. In addition, more flexible group permissions and management settings can be quickly adjusted to meet user needs.Learn more

3Smart AI

Advanced AI intelligent image analysis technology has always been a key project of 3S core research and development, including edge intelligent computing technology and cloud intelligent computing technology. With the help of AI, it can effectively shorten the calculation and analysis processing time, thereby improving the efficiency of image recognition and making images Monitoring is more intelligent, accurate, safe and efficient!Learn more


In order to meet the needs of real-time monitoring, remote viewing software is one of the indispensable items. Through the personal computer web connection or mobile device App software, you can browse the video screen and record playback in real time. Easy to install, user-friendly interface, easy to use, no matter where you are, you can watch it anytime!Learn more


  • TV wall solution
    Set the TV wall screen through the exclusive matrix controller and system software, and you can make different display effects according to your needs
  • Image Deployment Wisdom Tool
    has high practicability and can help users complete image-related settings in a short time.
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