Smart Transport

Transportation Solutions

The ultimate goal of smart transportation is to drive urban development and facilitate the lives of citizens. Therefore, achieving a perfectly functioning metropolitan transportation system requires excellent and systematic supervision and management.
We have been deeply involved in public construction of transportation for many years. By integrating software, hardware, and artificial intelligence technology, apply to rails, highways, movement, and parking to build a safer, more reliable, and more user-friendly traffic environment.

Transportation Solutions

Smart Rail

Optimize track monitoring and management

Smart Road

Real-time detection of abnormal conditions through AI analysis

Smart In-Vehicle

Reduce traffic accidents by In-Vehicle management software

Smart Parking

Automatic parking system and management

Smart Rail

We aim to optimize track monitoring and management while prioritizing improvements in safety, efficiency, and comfort.

Efficiency improvement

Data backup

Smart Control

Alarm notification

Real-time monitoring

Intelligent video analysis

3Smart AI intelligent analysis and detection

Track status detection and application

3S smart rail solution is designed for all rail transportation and includes track status detection and other features that prioritize traffic accident prevention, warnings, and smart safety management.

Smart monitoring management

3S Smart Video Surveillance Management System

Intersection Obstacle Detection

Lane congestion detection

Traffic flow analysis

Foreign Object Detection

Thermal Imaging Applications

Object state detection

Smart Feature Target Search

Motion image enrichment

Area Density Analysis

Safe, reliable, powerful and stable smart rail transportation system integration

Centralized Management System:
Real-time Access to Station Infor.
Excellent Intelligent Image Analysis:
Making Monitoring Smarter
Visual E-Map:
Fully Realizing Intelligent Monitoring.
Excellent Backup Mechanism:
Ensuring No Data Is Lost.
Support custom accounts
and permission management settings
Remote Monitoring via Mobile Devices:
Real-Time mornitor to Station Activity

Smart Road

Image combined with AI intelligent analysis can identify different traffic conditions!

The 3S IP Camera uses a high-sensitivity sensor to capture clear images even in low-light or high-speed environments. Combining radar detection technology and LPR algorithms enables efficient road safety.

License plate detection

Speeding Capture

Vehicle Flow Monitoring

Traffic Light Control

Track the suspect

Highway & Road Monitoring

Radar bullet IP cameras can effectively assist the operation control center in monitoring traffic conditions, detecting traffic flow, tracking illegal vehicles and calculating speed, vehicle type and distance. The operation control center can master real-time traffic information any time, implement the speed control and relevant traffic management strategies according to traffic conditions.

Intersection Monitoring

Radar bullet IP cameras can accurately capture the illegal moving vehicles, collect characteristic images at different time or positions, and record illegal actions as overspeed, running red lights, illegal turning and double parking. When the license plate number of stolen or offending vehicles are input into the identification system, each plate numbers compare with the system one by one. If a suspicious vehicle is found, alarm will be issued immediately to improve the efficiency of law enforcement.

Smart In-Vehicle

The advanced driving assistance management system provides the driver with relevant information, such as the vehicle's working conditions and changes in the environment outside. It warns of potential dangerous situations in advance, enabling the driver avoid traffic accidents.

Vehicle track
Search & playback
Pedestrian Safety
losses & costs

Smart driving monitoring

High-definition vehicle monitoring equipment

Smart fleet management

Vehicle video monitoring operation platform

3S High-Definition Vehicle Monitoring Equipment
Made in Taiwan, Quality is No.1

The entire series of products has passed ARTC/VSCC certification and complies with the latest 56-3 "Electromagnetic Compatibility" regulations. The automotive wires have also passed the "Material Flame Retardancy" test certification. Additionally, the product complies with IP69 dustproof and waterproof certification." Learn more

Driving Assistance Management System
Multi-functions & Stable performance

Return vehicle images and driving conditions through 4G network, including real-time video, driving condition, route tracking, driver behavior, etc. Learn more

Smart Parking

Revolutionize Your Parking Experience

Integrate license plate recognition at the entrance, parking space guidance, smart car search, and automatic payment at one time!

Automation &

Smart license plate recognition system

  • Recognition time is fast and accurate
  • Reduce physical object costs
  • Effective statistics of traffic flow and usage
  • Parking fee calculation mechanism is strict

Seat Parking Guidance System

  • Save time finding and picking up your car
  • Enhance vehicle owner and vehicle safety
  • Multiple orientation options
  • A premium high-tech parking experience

Smart car search system

  • Reverse car search, convenient and comfortable
  • Multiple applications for machines and mobile phones
  • Linkage of vehicle entry and exit management
  • Multiple smart ways to find cars

Automatic payment system

  • Integrate reverse car search system
  • Save a lot of manpower
  • Provide card reader integration services
  • High charging efficiency, avoiding congestion

Smart License Plate Recognition System - Video Demo

For slow-moving entrances and exits, license plate recognition without stopping

License Plate Recognition at Road Intersections

Recommended smart image surveillance management software

We can design and plan according to your needs, and help you realize digital security monitoring and efficient intelligent management

AI Smart Video Analysis
3Smart AI Smart Video Analysis
Recording Software
HDRC HD Recording Center
Monitoring and Control Management Software
ASCM Automation Security Control Management Platform
Platform Management Software
CMS Central Management System

Smart image security monitoring equipment recommendation

Professional traffic monitoring | Multiple functional applications to achieve a safe and efficient road environment

General road/track/railway side

IP Camera
Speed Dome
IP Camera
IP Camera

Station/Parking lot inside and outside

IP Camera
IP Camera
IP Camera