Thermal IP Camera

Unique thermal imaging detection technology, enhanced security mechanism

Unique thermal imaging technology principle

Using the latest uncooled thermal sensor technology in the industry, it can accurately sense and display the distribution or value of the surface temperature of the object, and will not be affected by light, rain, fog, etc. affected by harsh environmental conditions.

Excellent AI intelligent analysis function

With the help of the built-in AI algorithm of the camera, it can be applied to various detection functions.

Dual lens selection

The thermal imaging network camera is different from the appearance of ordinary cameras. It provides two options of single lens and dual lens. The dual lens model can display visible light images and thermal imaging images at the same time. The picture is clear at a glance.

IP66 waterproof/dustproof level

The whole machine complies with IP66 waterproof/dustproof grade specifications, and can be erected and used in different environments.
Won the new type patent approved by the Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs「Specific temperature, face and mask detection system」、「Specific temperature, face and mask detection network camera

Thermal imaging body temperature / temperature detection network camera

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Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Detection Network Camera Accessories / Blackbody

Thermal imaging body temperature/temperature detection software