Black body | BB-3S-5V



 Including a black body in the camera's field of view can improve the system's performance in body temperature measurement calibration. Establishes an accurate correspondence between grayscale images and temperature. Perform real-time calibration of the measured temperature, and display the image and body temperature. Using a black body reduces the temperature measurement error to ± 0.3°C.

Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C ( ±0.54°F ) @RT25°C
Input voltage DC5V
Power consumption <8 W
Operating temperature 0°C~35°C ( 32°F~95°F ) @ humidity 65% ±20% RH
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Factory temperature setting 37.5°C ( 99.5°F ) (The temperature is stable at 37.5°C ( 99.5°F ) within 5 minutes after starting@RT25°C)
Blackbody size 130mm(H) x 90mm(W) x 33mm (D)
Average temperature area 40 x 40mm
Opening size 50 x 50mm
Weight 460 g
Accessories 1 AC110V to DC5V transformer (cable length 3m, weight 172g)