Professional EL class IP Camera

EL class IP Camera for Professional

Excellent video surveillance capabilities with a perfect balance of quality and value

Excellent mega-resolution lens

EL series provides 5-megapixel and 2-megapixel dome cameras and bullet cameras, which are powerful and versatile. There are also fisheye models that can meet wide-angle or remote monitoring needs.

Excellent high-quality video

Equipped with a star-level photosensitive element, it can still perfectly present image details in bright and dark areas.

Excellent fisheye webcam

With 12 million ultra-high resolution, the image quality is clearer and more delicate, which can replace the shortcomings of the limited viewing angle of four fixed-focus cameras, and greatly reduce the power consumption of the device. In line with the economic benefits pursued by the owner.

EL class 12 megapixels


EL class 2 megapixels