I/O Controller | CC022


Access Controller

 4-way RS485/Weigand card reader interface, access control controller for 2-door group access control.
 Built-in 10/100M Ethernet network interface to access 3S access control management system.
 The firmware online update, data setting, and data collection functions can be performed through Ethernet.
 TCP/IP supports Modbus protocol, which is convenient for integration with third-party BAS.
 The RS485 interface has a lightning protection mechanism, and the connection distance can reach 1000 meters.
 The Wiegand interface can connect the reader of the card reader and control its LED and BUZZ functions.
 Equipped with 8 groups of DI input and 4 groups of DO output contacts, each group of contacts has a corresponding lamp to display its status.
 DI input contact can be connected to the door open button, door position magnetic spring, emergency button, fire alarm signal.
 DO output contact, can be connected externally with positive/negative electric lock and flashing siren.
 With Micro SD card slot and USB jack, it supports automatic download of coding data and automatic upload of card data.
 It can save 50,000 legal authority data and 50,000 credit card event records.
 Support multiple access control methods such as credit card / credit card + password / password / special password / coercion password / no control.
 Schedules with 99 time zones, 255 time periods, 255 groups, and 200 days of holidays throughout the year can be set.
 With master card operation functions: adding/deleting card code, master card opening, time zone switching, card machine ID setting.
 Supports the setting of the number of seconds for electric lock to open the door, the number of seconds to open the door overtime, and the number of seconds for overtime alarm.
 Support 3S access control system software to remotely unlock the door and query the real-time status of the card reader.
 It supports the function of active return record to 3S access control system software, and the interval of active return can be set in seconds.
 Support anti-passback function to ensure access control for personnel entering and exiting.
 With perpetual calendar clock (RTC) function, it can accept computer host time calibration.
 The built-in lithium battery can still maintain the normal operation of the perpetual calendar clock. When the battery is fully loaded, the power is cut off, and the stored data can still be saved for 180 days.
 Built-in buzzer to provide abnormal warning notification.
 With Watchdog function, the software has self-recovery function when the machine crashes.
 Built-in 8-bit coding DIP switch, you can manually set the device ID number to prevent the ID number from being lost.
 With RS485 interface, it can provide troubleshooting and data setting.
 With RS232 interface, it can be connected to an external LED subtitle machine, or QR Code scanner application.
 The power input contacts have over-current and over-voltage lightning protection to ensure stable and safe operation of the equipment.

Model CC022
Processor 32-bit RISC microcontroller, ARM® CortexTM-M3 architecture
Memory Program Memory 256K Byte Flash
Data Memory 48K Byte SRAM, 4M Byte Flash
External memory Micro SD card slot V2.0, support up to 32GB SD card
External memory USB 2.0 A-Type jack, support up to 32GB USB hard drive
Legal Authority 50,000
Event Log 50,000
Control Measures Card/Swipe+Password/Password
Control Mode Prohibited/Open/General/Scheduled
Scheduled Control 99 time zones, 255 time periods, 255 groups, 200 days of holidays
Battery RTC power failure backup power supply, CR2032 button battery DC3V
Input Contacts 8 groups of DI contacts, built-in TTL voltage control, ground start
Output Contacts 4 groups of DO (NO/NC) contacts, contact load capacity AC/DC60V/1.3A
Communication interface 4 sets of RS-485 transmission ports, the communication distance is about 1000 meters (@9600bps)
4 sets of Wiegand transmission ports, the communication distance is about 30 meters
4 sets of external LED, BUZZ control contacts (only with CA015 card reader)
1 set of RJ-45 TCP/IP transmission port, the communication distance is about 100 meters
Power output contact 4 sets of DC12V power output for RS485/Wigand equipment use
Status Indicator With power, communication, DI, DO status indicators, a total of 30 LEDs
Alert Tone 1 group buzzer
Setup 1 group of 8-bit code DIP switches, can set 255 groups of ID numbers
Application specific interface 1 set of RS-232 transmission ports, the communication distance is about 15 meters
1 set of RS-485 transmission port, the communication distance is about 1000 meters (@9600bps)
Power Input DC9~24V voltage input
Power consumption Maximum power consumption 1.5W (excluding electric lock, card reader power supply)
Operating Temperature -20℃~ +85℃
Operating Humidity 5% ~80%RH, no condensation
Dimension(mm) 190(L) x 130(W) x 30(H)
Weight 260g
Authentication RoHS, CE, FCC