Software | HDRC



 Innovative high-quality recording engine technology improves storage
 space performance by more than 20%
 Configure all cameras with one click
 Support up to 128 channels of real-time video display
 With MSS software and server, increase multiple streaming performance of audio and video
 Supports 10 million pixel camera video access recording
 Fully compatible with 3S cameras and ONVIF profile S cameras
 Support multiple image formats such as H.265, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
 Multiple recording modes: all-day recording, event recording, scheduled
 Flexible recording disc free space settings (reserved space, MB /%, # days)
 Supports unlimited clients
 Support simultaneous remote real-time video playback
 Efficient file organization structure
 20% space saving and 50% performance improvement
 User rights management
 History Log search
 Perform backups simultaneously during continued recording
 Flexible video backup mode: scheduled backup / manual backup/ SD card backup
 Video backup to remote storage
 Scheduled upload
 Auto-recovery from backup
 Backup notification and report
 Supported IP camera brands: 3S, ACTi, Axis, Bosch, Brickcom, Honeywell, Sony, Vivotek



Product HDRC Std; HDRC Pro; HDRC Adv
Camera viewing channels in simulataneous HDRC Std:32; HDRC Pro:64; HDRC Adv:128


Auto Wizard  Plug & Play Auto Setup
Maximum Number of Clients Unlimited  (Depending on server hardware performance)
Supported OS Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10 , Windows Server 2012
Supported Mobile App  3VMS (Mobile Device)  (iOS/Android)
Language Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, French and Dutch.
Camera Compatible with 3S cameras and other ONVIF certified cameras.


Video Format H.265, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
Video Resolution Up to 4K2K


Audio Format G.711U, G.711A, G.726
Audio Capability Two-Way Audio


Event Recording Time Configurable, up to 300 seconds
Recording Mode Continuous, Event, Customized Schedule,
Recycle Options Recycling time depends on the remaining
storage space, remain storage percentage or the set number of days
Recording files format 3S format
External Storage

Alarm Management

Alarm Schedule Continuous, Custom Schedule
Trigger Source System:
Startup, Shutdown, Time, Time Period, Add new Channel, Remove Channel, Modify Channel, Time Sync Failed
Record, Alarm, Error, Message
Connected, Disconnected, Start Record, Stop Record, Motion Detect, Object
Detect, Hardware Detect, PIR Alarm, PIR Alarm, SD Card Alarm, IVA line, IVA Double Line, IVA Area
Action 1. E-mail system log
2. E-mail snapshot
3. Start to record
4. Stop recording
5. Going to camera presets
6. Sync system time


PTZ Control Create presets; create presets tour
PTZ Operation Pan, Tilt and Tilt Control; Speed Control; Automatic PTZ, Home
USB Joystick Supported
Supported Protocols Automatic detection of camera PTZ protocol. Available protocols: Pelco-P,Pelco-D

Export File

Snapshot JPEG
Export File AVI, MP4 & MKV, Support Waterfram, can played by Windows Media Player/VLC

User Management

Users and Groups Unlimited Users and Groups and support customized group authorities.
Functions Camera Management, User Management, PTZ setting

Channel Settings

Add Cameras Auto & Manual Search
Update Manual
Video Sources 3S, ONVIF & RTSP Streaming
Basic Settings User Name, Password & Camera Model
Network Settings Configuration Protocol: HTTPStreaming Protocol: TCP, UDP, HTTP
Video Settings Video Stream, Codec, Resolution,
Maximum frame rate, I-frame period,
vdieo quality, FPS, Maximum bit rate
OSD Info Time / Date, IP, Model Name, Costom info
OSD Settings Language, Font type, Font Size, Position, Color, Tranparency
Motion Detection Settings Supported
ONVIF Profile S, Profile G
ONVIF Stream Video (H.265, H.264, MPEG4 & MJPEG) & Audio
(G.711, One Way)
ONVIF Control PTZ Control (Up, Down, Left, Right & Zoom
ONVIF Cameras settings Supported


Security Intelligence Motion Detect, Object
Detect, Disconnection Detect, IVA line, IVA Double Line, IVA Area, IVA Event