NVR / Intel NVR

Embedded XVR/NVR

3S's new generation of embedded hybrid video recorder (XVR) and network video recorder (NVR) adopt Taiwan's well-known NOVATEK chip and stable Linux operating system, which can not only effectively improve product performance, but also solve the problem of image and data transmission. For security concerns, there is no need to worry about data being stolen. With the help of advanced H.265 compression technology, you can experience 4K high-quality video images, and use them immediately, allowing you to meet your monitoring needs anytime, anywhere.

Real Taiwan-made chips

Taiwan NOVATEK chips are used in the host, so you don’t have to worry about images and data being stolen, and you can use it with peace of mind.

Function & performance fully upgraded

Support multiple viewing modes and video recording modes, easy to operate and enhance user experience.

Excellent video compression technology

With H.265 compression technology, it can maintain high-quality images and reduce the storage space of video files.

Extreme high-quality image display

Ultra-high-quality 4K or 8 megapixels, the recording picture is clearer and the image is not distorted.

Intel NVR

3S Intel NVR has a built-in processor with more than four cores, large storage capacity, and supports multiple video server connections. A single video server can record and manage up to 128 network cameras at the same time, stacking multiple video servers, And up to more than 100,000 channels of video management.Learn more

Embedded Hybrid DVR ( XVR )

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Embedded NVR

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