Multi-Sensor IP Camera

3S Multi-sensor Cameraai inside

Multi-sensor Camera Series
Panoramic / Multi-direction

ALL NEW 3S MULTI-SENSOR CAMERAS~Effective Panoramic Experience With More "Eyes".

Panoramic Multi-sensor IP camera provides 180° or 360° field of view and focus on a specific large area. Combining two or four sensors in one housing can allow the camera to create an effective panoramic experience and get wide views and forensic details from one camera.

Key Features

Vision Available
360° / 180° View
Intelligent Video
Analysis Inside
Wide Tilting Angle
Extreme Low
Light Visibility

Product Specifications

4CH Multi-Direction with 5MP x 4 / 2MP x 4

  • Four-sensor modules in one housing
  • High quality unlimited coverage
  • Extreme low light visibility
  • 360° wide-area vision
  • Support for advanced analytics


One Panoramic Multi-sensor IP camera can perform the work of many cameras to reduces all system costs and provide a higher return on investment. It is perfect to be adopted in large spaces such as city surveillance, industry, parking lot, railway station, exhibition center, airport, port, etc.

City Surveillance

Railway Station

Parking Lot