HD Analog Camera


A Class series HD analog cameras is are the most economical cameras. They're recommended to users who are still using HD analog cameras. Provide two specifications of 2MP and 5MP Resolution. Fixed or motorized lens are optional according to the demand. The infrared LEDs radiant distance can be up to 35 meters, which conforms to the IP66 rain and dust resistant. Their performance are no less than the IP cameras. Due to the simple installation and operation, they can be used for monitoring immediately and have absolute advantages in cost considerations. All cameras are quite suitable for small and medium-sized places that are not complicated or where the monitoring need is simple.

Comprehensive upgrade

A class series have brand-new shape design, and there are significant upgrade in the specification and efficiency, which will offer excellent monitoring experience.

Megapixels HD motorized lens

All lenses are motorized (except for speed dome models), replacing the manual mode to adjust the focus.

Stabile transmission

Compared with the IP cameras, the image won’t be compressed when transmitted directly from the front end to the back end, there is no delay and the distortion caused by compression damage can be avoided.

Built-in IR-Cut filter

Built-in IR-CUT filter makes the colors accurate and monitoring effect strong. The 24-hour full-color real-time monitoring can meet the demand for high-quality monitoring at night.

Weather-proof IP66

The camera meets the IP66 rain and dust resistant and can be installed and used in different environments.

Cost efficiency

Simple structure and low construction cost makes it own the cost advantage relatively.