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General manager : Mr. Jeffery Lee
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Business Philosophy

Integrity, Honesty, Innovation, Service and Sharing

Providereliable,flexible and highquality products, systems and solutions for partners and customers at all times. We create win-win-win strategies for users, partners and 3S.


   3S System Technology specializes in providing network smart monitoring security solutions, customer-oriented quality concept, and continues to invest in core technologies, product development, technical services, network consulting, etc. More real-time and convenient service.

  3S provides network monitoring solutions around the world. 3S has been widely used in the applications of education, finance, electricity, energy, transportation, water conservancy, manufacturing, utilities and SME users locally. Along with the rapid growth of the international market, 3S full range of products have entered over 32 countries such as the United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany and Russia. 3S has more than 100,000 users all over the world.

  3S has more than 270 employees in total and 10 years of professional experience in R&D to continue to provide in-depth customer demand for high-tech products. 3S long-term strategic alliance partners include Dell, OV, APTINA, SONY, Novatek, Ambarella, Milestone, AXXON other world-renowned manufacturers. 3S continues to promote strict quality control and manufacturing process control after obtained ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental certification. 3S network monitoring products also obtained ISO 15408 information security certification so as to provide customers with better products and trustworthy solutions that enable 3S in some large tenders such as FIFA World Arena in Brazil, St. Thomas University in Philippines, Indonesia AYANA Resort in Bali, Argentina Presidential Palace (CASA ROSADA), California Airport in US, Inner Mongolia Prison, UMC Group, Cathay Pacific Group, MediaTek and Petro-chemical Company and so on.

Project Management & System Integration

Technology Integration
System Integration
Engineering Management
After-Sales Services


Organization Structure

Business Model

New patent

Body temperature, face and mask detection system
Body temperature, face and mask detection system
The new patent awarded
Body temperature, face and mask detection IP camera
Body temperature, face and mask detection IP camera
The new patent awarded

International Certificates

ISO 9001:2015ISO 9001:2015 certificate
ULFactory, materials UL certificate
NCCNCC certificate
BSMIProducts passed BSMI certificate
CECE certification
FCCFCC certificate
ARTCWhole series of in-vehicle products all pass ARTC certificates
VSCCIn-vehicle products pass VSCC Matching electromagnetic compatibility rule 56-2, 56-3
EN50155EN50155 certificate
OnvifAll cameras are qualified for certification

Quality and Information Security Policy

Quality Policy
Reliable quality integrated system
Excellent technical service
Enhance customer relationship and satisfaction
Information Security Policy
Improve information security awareness
Prevent data leakage
Ensure sustainable operation

Product QC & Production Process

Testing equipment
Professional equipment can provide outgoing inspection prior to shipment.Constant temp and humidity machine, Reflective light box, Penetrating light box, Optical retro projector.
Manufacture Function & Facility
We own one workshop including SMT, DIP, Assembly, Testing and Packing Lines. Equipping with advanced computer related installation and well trained engineers.
3S factory