Black body | BB-3S-5V


By setting the black body within the thermal imaging field of view, using the characteristics of the black body to carry out temperature measurement calibration, establishes an accurate correspondence between grayscale images and temperature. Perform real-time calibration of the measured temperature, and display the image and body temperature. The accuracy of temperature measurement reduces the temperature measurement error to ± 0.3°C. Accurate temperature measurement is convenient for staff management and inspection.

Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C@RT25°C
Input voltage DC5V
Power consumption <8 W
Operating temperature 0°C~35°C@ humidity 65% ±20% RH
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Factory temperature setting 37.5°C(The temperature is stable at 37.5°C within 5 minutes after starting@RT25°C)
Blackbody size 130mm(H) x 90mm(W) x 24.5mm(D)
Average temperature area 40 x 40mm
Opening size 50 x 50mm
Weight 460 g
Accessories AC110V to DC5V transformer x1 (length 3m, weight 172 g)