Card Readers / CA013

PC-based RFID Access Controller with An Integrated Reader

  • Built-in dual CPU with multi-parallel processing architecture faster processing speed reader time <0.3 second open time <1 second.
  • Maximum pen can be stored 40,000 credit card records, 40,000 pen coded data.
  • Coding with fast, speed can be set to more than 1,000 strokes per minute.
  • Two LED status indicators, built BUZZER can be set on or off.
  • With a standard 16-key plastic material of the transparent curable numeric keypad and function. (Can be backlit)
  • With the keyboard open or the key lock function to prevent other people from manipulation card keyboard.
  • Successful reader while the reader the date, time and other records written back in the card for future reference.
  • A reader junior warning function can be set to allow the number of failures reader automatically stop functioning.
  • When network disconnection can stand-alone operation, does not affect the on-site control function.
  • A group of 60 holiday regulatory function.

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