Hualien airport in Taiwan


Hualien airport is a city located in Hualien County, Taiwan Xincheng airport, field area located in the north of Hualien City, spans the entire south Xincheng most. The airport is a combined military and civilian airport, mainly managed by the Republic of China Air Force, the Air Force into the mountain side of good mountain base, and the Air Force base in Hualien sea side; civilian portion is located on the sea side, called Hualien airport, by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for civil FAA operations.


Hualien airport needs to have good video surveillance system in each airport terminal building in the region also need a high-resolution surveillance cameras, to ensure the normal operation of all facilities, and when events occur instantly alert notification. In addition, the airport also needs to have explosion-proof and infrared and other monitoring functions, in order to maintain a more complete security issue airports and passengers.


3S provides high-quality water-proof and built-in infrared N9018, N3072, N6073, N6013 four models to meet their stringent monitoring requirements airport, and the use of N5012 multifunction fastball to fully monitor the entrance and wide around airport in addition, 3S of IVA intelligent image analysis functions, such as motion detection, tamper detection, privacy mask, regional invasion, object tracking, object retention, single / double cross line detection and many other excellent detection capabilities for the entrance area, security and passport checks, commercial and parking, cargo areas, and other public places to provide maximum security for cost-effective security monitoring indoor and outdoor areas.

In addition, according to the needs of Hualien airport, 3S through flexible solutions 3S webcam and support ONVIF protocol milestone seamlessly integrated image management software, to achieve a seamless front-end to the customer terminal combination.



Community management

Speed Dome N5012 360° with no blind spot allows faster and more efficient detection of any suspicious event. It can be paired with IVA Enter/Exit Detection for those key moment.

High quality images

High quality video images to facilitate incident investigation and verification.

Clear Night vision

The long distance IR series allows clear Images even when there is no lights.


Installed Products :

28 pcs N9018 panoramic 360 degree fisheye Network Camera
10 pcs N5012 Speed Dome Network Camera
60 pcs N3072 Vandal Dome Network Camera
38 pcs N6073 IR Bullet network cameras
11 pcs N6013 IR Bullet Network Camera


• Field surveys and assessments
• Monitoring system consulting and planning
• By Internet 24-hour technical support
• Provide the right product
• technology planning and systems training
• The maximum resolution of 1600x1200 video live view to see the video
• Milestone management of third-party software

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