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This Fab is with sophisticated automation equipment, mature defeat density, competitive turnaround time as well as capacity expansion plan to fulfill customer’s demand. This company also carries responsibilities of environmental projection, social responsibility and international conventions to become a sustainable green business.


More than 800CH IP cameras is needed. It needs to cover more than a dozen factories and their surroundings. Videos of entrances will be stored and connected to central TV wall. Fir alarm, abnormality report, entrance and machine rooms’ monitoring are all under control. Remote and real-time viewing are also required by customer.


More than 800 units of 3S cameras are all compatible. Each individual system can be integrated and transmit all real-time streams to each control room to enable security personnel to access videos remotely from production line so as to respond to accident and provide 24-hour support and maintenance. 3S provides 2MP and 5MP cameras, intrusion alarm, IR, low-LUX and thermal sensing functions to monitor factories, warehouses, production lines and equipment. 3S also combines fire alarm and access control for this foundry. 3S provides professional IP technology training to security personnel and assigns several technical support engineers to be responsible for this project.



Factory management

360° panorama Speed dome N5012 can monitor more efficiently for any suspicious event to help monitor production lines.

Warehouse management

IR cameras provide best night view for 24-hour monitoring. Smart IVA for movement, sabotage and privacy test can optimize warehouse security.

Production line management

High speed production processes require 5MP cameras for more clear security monitoring.

Night monitor

With 3S IR filter, any night activity can be monitored clearly.

Chemical stainless steel explosion-proof shield

IP68 exploration-proof can protect the camera with special tempered glass. It’s durable while maintaining a clear image.

Cross line detect

Due to the large range of plant, cross line detection can increase security in all areas.

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