CPLA Air force Logistic Dept. in China


People's Liberation Army Air Force on November 11, 1949 formally established, the Air Force active duty troops total 42.07 million, accounting for 17% of the total number of PLA.


Existing old camera system has been running for a long period of time, the system of lower old solution, based on the command center want to upgrade an existing camera system, and install more high-definition cameras.


According to project requirements, video server into several bit image format and image flow control center distal end, high-resolution 2 megapixels camera N3071 is used in the entrance and ammunition depots, 3S provides a comprehensive monitoring solution, D1 video server and N3071 2 megapixels webcam riot hemisphere, while 3S VMS systems transmit images to each of the control center, so the commander can be controlled at any time.



Merging management

Merging the existing CCTV into video server for better performance.

Indoor monitor

Interior space, walkways, outdoor walkways and other for night automatically start infrared surveillance 24 hours a day.


Entrance with waterproof Vandal Dome Camera monitor

Installed Products :

268 pcs S2071 Video Server

50    pcs N3071 IR Dome Network Camera


• On site survey and overall evaluation

• Surveillance system consultation

• 24-hours  technical support via Internet

• Technical training

• 3S VMS & CMS software

• 3rd Party NVR

• HD resolution(1600*1200)  video live view & recording

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