Hana Bank in Indonesia


Hana Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hana Financial Group, was established in July 1991, is South Korea's third largest commercial bank, with 664 branches in Korea, and has overseas in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places outlets, has 40 branches in Indonesia.


Banks need to have a good surveillance system to monitor the status of each window in the building also need high-resolution surveillance cameras, in order to ensure safe entrance, and when the incident promptly reported to the bank and the need to ensure the safety of customers.


3S provides professional solutions, including end-user advantages of easy to install and convenient to view them, so Hana Bank select 3S video surveillance systems. 3S offers 360〫 fisheye webcams in their waiting area, and set up high-definition photographic lens monitor important areas, such as banking security, ATM, doors, etc., Hana Bank use N9082 and N9018 webcams in 40 branches in total video surveillance combination 200 road.



Panorama monitoring

Fisheye camera to provide 360-degree surveillance, support IK10 vandal protection, effectively prevent bank safe.

IR night monitoring

Infrared filter to monitor the situation through the night, IR, night-time activities can be detected through a clear image.

Installed Products :

N9018 IR Fisheye Network Camera

N9082 IR Dome Network Camera


• On site survey and overall evaluation

• Surveillance system consultation

• 24-hours  technical support via Internet

• Technical training

• 2 Megapixels and 5 megapixels network cameras 200 pcs doing live viewing and recording

• 3S HDRC management software

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